Movie Review

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson is an offering of Fox Home Entertainment and is all about the magical adventures of the son of the Greek God Poseidon. In this particular movie, Percy had the support of his demigod friends to recover the Golden Fleece in order to save the world.

This movie is such a feel-good movie in the sense that it will definitely leave you smiling and feeling happy about the adventures of Percy and his friends. It shows the value of friendship and supporting each other in order to accomplish shared goals. The feel of the movie is really great as it gives off a warm feeling of friendship and loyalty among friends.

In terms of the look, well the execution of the fight scenes is excellent. There were a lot of amazing special effects employed in order to showcase the fight scenes of the demigod and show their awesome powers. I believe that this is a movie that children and youngsters will definitely enjoy because of the awesome effects.

The acting is also excellent. All the cast members gave their all to ensure that the movie will come off really great.

I strongly believe that this is a good movie that should be seen by children and teens. The movie gives off good lessons that youngsters can learn from, including the value of friendship, loyalty, fighting for what is right and so on.

Movies like “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” should continue to be emulated by other movie outfits. It is important that movies like these should be shown because it gives good lessons to children and teens and it is vital that parents should encourage their kids to watch similar movies. I will definitely will encourage my son to watch these types of movies when he is of age.